Infokapital MTÜ

Infokapital is a non-profit organisation dedicated to science and technology education and research

Infokapital MITTETULUNDUSÜHING, (Information Capital Non-profit Organisation in English) was founded in Estonia in 2017 and registered in the company’s registry of Estonia in January 2018. The Organisation operates under Estonian and other jurisdictional laws, as necessary.

Information Capital Non-Profit Organization is a non-profit-making public interest organization based in the Republic of Estonia, Harju County, Tallinn.

The aim of the Organisation is to increase awareness to cross sections of society, about the opportunities that information technology can contribute to their personal and collective development via educational and research activities, research and other media, working in partnership with universities, think-tanks, Governments, similar organisations and allied institutions.  This is achieved through consultations, training and development cooperation in Europe and Africa.


The Organisation has an interim management team of three persons and several consulting partners with varied expertise in information, communications and technology and spanning into business also. The Management board has a term of three years. 



  • promote literacy, scientific, cultural and social improvement of all classes in the community, by providing facilities for reading room, library, concerts, lectures, and competitions;
  • to promote research, experimental work, scientific investigation and development into any aspect of the objects of the Foundation and its work and to disseminate the useful results of any such research for the public benefit;
  • organise meetings, seminars and conferences, publish pamphlets, statistics, books and other publications and circulate them and organise activities for the furtherance of any of the objects;
  • to hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars, workshops, courses or other events either alone or with others;
  • engage in projects;
  • grant scholarship and provide financial aid to poor but meritorious students;
  • Engage in other activities in accordance with relevant laws.

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